Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Well now I don' even want to eat the boid. ETA: Boid: Perfect. Not that I care.

I just got into it with my human. Or, rather, he got into it with me. So I'd planned on going to doga tonight except the forecast said there was snow (there was no snow). But while it was snowing the miniscule amount, I canceled on going to doga with my mother. Now my mother is pissed that I didn't show up. At least I called to tell her this time. So I come home and I took a nap and then prepped the duck for cooking and popped in the oven. I'd expected that we'd have a quick feast! before going to game night (where we normally go on monday nights). I send him a fb message asking to get a veggyble, and then he was like, "answer your phone!" and I messaged him back like, "Well, I can't, because my mom canceled me." He gets home, enraged (or seriously irritated), and then he's like "Well, how will you know if someone calls for job interviews" and I'm like "Well, I specified that email is better for me and I also put in your cell phone number." And then he rubs his temples and says, "Well, maybe next time you should tell me this!!!!" And I apologize. Then he stomps off and goes to game night. And now I'm just feeling generally low. Because now I don't even get to go to game night. I don't want to eat duck anymore. I just want to drink beer for dinner and then go to sleep.

I should have just gone to doga.


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