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Well, Now I Have A Date/Etiquette For Dating Other Guys

OK, so for the past few days I've written about sex and the guy I met on OKC. Because I'm relatively new to this, so I'm going to write about my date coming up on Sunday and if it's ok if I see other guys. I'm new-ish to this.


First, I would like to preface with this: I want someone who is attractive. I pretty much explain why in the post. It's more of a "finally I feel like I deserve someone who is nice looking" rather than "I am only interested in looks". Promise.

Dating: the last "dates" I went on were like, 4 years ago. And one I had to pay for-and hung out with the guy out of politeness, and to the point where my friends couldn't get a hold of me. Understandably, they were worried and the guy was a creep. The second one I went on was with my then BF, also 4 years ago. The "My shoes are worth more than you're life!" one. They were my shoes. And Pucci. I was right in the end.


Now, I am not one to judge on looks. For real. I used to be a "5" or less. But I've become a "10", after I got my shit together. Vain, I know, but also my self-esteem went up. The guy I'm going on the date with had pretty cute pictures, and the consensus among my friends is that he seems perfect for me (except the chivette part). However, I got a text similar to this last night:

Hey, just so you know, I've blown up to the size of a blimp.

I don't really know what this means. I don't want to prejudge, because that makes me shallow. But, I "settled" for my last boyfriends/gross guys I made out with a few times, and I think I deserve better now. The guy is completely nice, and amazing. I'm just not sure what to expect. Again, I come of as a completely vapid and shallow person right now, but I don't want this to be my life again. But it may go somewhere, and it may not. I just...I just don't know. I feel like an asshole for even writing this. Also, the chivette part is bothering me. I'm not that kind of girl.


Dating other people: I have chatted with other guys, just because I don't want to pin everything on one person. I just want to see what's out there. I'm not really sure I want a boyfriend, even though I do want a relationship. I'm thinking of meeting another guy for coffee soon, and maybe some more if they're cool, respectful, and up to my standards (again, vain, shallow bitch alert-or maybe someone who just feels that she deserves not to "settle" anymore). So, how do I say this? Do I go "Just so you know, I'm thinking about dating around for a while. I enjoy meeting new people, and right now I don't want to be tied down". Even though this guy I have a date with is basically a great person.

I don't know what to do. I don't know what I'm doing. And I feel bad that I'm a bit snobby when it comes to looks, and worse that I have a high opinion of myself (but I fucking deserve to feel good, finally). GT, help a sister out.


Also, wanted to add a morning jam to wake y'all up! DAVID BOWIE ON SOUL TRAIN! GOLDEN YEARS! WAKE UP TO THE GLORY! Have a great day!

Edit: YOU GUISES ARE THE BEST! Also I am trolling Chive with potatoes and having a big Texas wedding and everyone should come!

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