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Well, plans to do nothing

Became plans to look for a new place to live.

Came home from a friend's house this morning. Aunt was high, raged at me the second I got in the door. Apparently she was having company over, and upset that my shower wasn't clean enough for them to use. My in-suite shower, that's in the very back of the house. I started trying to reason my way through this and logically explain that there's no reason for me to assume that an unannounced houseguest would come over and need to use my bathroom when there's an entirely separate, bigger master bathroom that's more accessible and across from the guest room. It's my fault for not doing this. It's my fault for not reading her mind.

And, I'm kind of done. I'm hurt, and I'm disappointed, but most of all, I'm just really pissed. And really, it's like....I don't even feel like there's any reason for me to sit down and try to have a logical, rationally based discussion about this. Because you simply can't do that with anyone in the mindset of a teenager. I would get more of the blame placed on me. I'm just done.


This is shitty. All I have really wanted is a relationship with this side of the family since my dad died, and I just keep getting more and more evidence that it is not possible.

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