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Well ranted, Mr. Hayes, well ranted.

Chris Hayes on the right-wingers who are freaking out about the "40% of Breadwinners are female" Pew study and how it means the End of Days are upon us:

"The evidence, though, tells us these dudes should really calm down. The Pew study shows us the OPPOSITE of feminism killing the family unit and our social order. Feminism made the family stronger. The amount of time both parents spend with their kids is double what it was in 1965. So while the primary takeaway of feminism is how the movement affected women's lives, the other side of it is the tripling of the time dads get to spend with their kids. It's an incredible transformation for both men and their kids, a huge net benefit to human happiness.


And I think about walking around my neighborhood in New York and seeing all these new dads my age with kids on bikes or being pushed in strollers or hanging off them in some kind of baby-harness contraption, and I think we have all been blessed with the gift of a society whose confines and restraints and structures were broken apart before we became dads. This is the great gift of feminism to men. It took a sledgehammer to the most stultifying parts of Patriarchy, including a vision of fatherhood in which dads were expected to be stoic, distant, removed creatures from their kids' lives.

And we have now a new and better social model, one that encourages fathers to be equal parents and nudges them towards spending more of their time doing something that is going to make them happier: spending time with their kids.

So to all the dads out there: happy belated Father's Day. And to all the mothers, grandmothers and daughters, and feminist agitators, THANK YOU for helping to make it possible."

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