Because of course the one thing that will really help solve the Ebola epidemic is a simpering lukewarm rehash of a charity single first released 30 damn years ago, Bob Geldof, Bono, and others (including One Direction this time) are doing another remake of a song that has only gotten more awful over the years. Al Jazeera's Barry Malone interviewed people from Kenya, Liberia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and South Africa for their response to another "Do They Know it's Christmas".

It's worth a read. Nobody pretends to a monolithic view or tries to speak for everyone, but these critical voices have some beautifully cutting remarks that point out how perverse, trite, ignorant, "patronising and unoriginal", and unhelpful this kind of "charity" is, and how it is complicit with Colonialist global power relations.

There are also links to Ebola-related songs produced in Africa — months ago — that actually did some good:

"Ebola in Town" combined awareness raising with a catchy dance beat and turned into an unexpected hit:

All profits from sales of the following single go to Medecins Sans Frontiers: