Just got back from blues dancing, where I wiggled my fanny like a fish for literally two hours straight! I haven't done it in a year, but still all these men wanted to dance with me because I am both very flexible and a great blues follow (if I do say so myself). Aaand I actually think I made a friend, you guys! Yay for stepping out of my comfort zone!

It's interesting to see the styles of the (majority) white swing/ballroom people who transition to blues versus those of us who started out with blues (many of whom seem to trend black or were taught in majority black spaces). There's some overlap, sure, but the etiquette is different and if you aren't accustomed to the very close physical contact blues requires it becomes very difficult to lead and follow with your body, and you end up doing a lot of fancy tricks without really digging deep into the music. It makes me a little sad whenever I go to a blues dance and I'm the only brown female face out of maybe 10 People of Color in a room of over 70 people. The politics of who does this dance, how competitions work, slow-drag versus lindy-hop influenced styles and who does them, how much it costs to enter, take classes, etc. are interesting—but that's for another day. Right now I'm just glad I got to be around people who are having fun and not afraid to be in close contact with one another. And that I got to do some low-down dirty dancing like in the pic below*, instead of just the more proper stuff like the pic above.


Here's a song I heard at the dance and had to share. This woman and this band are ah-maaazing!

Goodnight, GT!

*notice how you could change out the clothes in the blue picture and they look like they could be in a modern day club? You can see a direct line from blues to modern popular bumping and grinding, and that made it much easier for me to enter. The picture at the top is much more ballroom-ey, which is nice too, but I prefer the dirty kind ;)