Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Eight-year-old Resplendent.stepson spent his first Christmas with out family. It went well. He and the teenage resplendent.bastards played video games and got along swimmingly. Victory!

I just dropped him off at his mom's house, and I was chatting with his stepdad at the door. I thanked them for letting us have him for Christmas and as I was leaving said "Hey, I need to apologize. One of my boys' video games had a couple swears in it, and I didn't realize, but I think resplendent.strpson probably heard them."


He said "Oh, that's okay, we're really more worried about him being exposed to blood and violence and stuff like that."


The video game in question (Watchdogs) has GTA-style free-play, so little resplendent.stepson watched his older stepbrothers blow up cars and run people over for almost an hour....

I obviously fucked this up.

Should I come clean? Hope it blows over without a mention? Help me, GT.

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