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Well, shit.

Guys, Trudeau’s new cabinet is looking...pretty ok!

A female First Nations Minister of Justice? Looks like we might get that promised inquiry into the murdered and missing aboriginal women, after all.

Not to mention a Science Minister with a solid background in climate research, including membership in the IPCC. Combine that with a newly-named Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, plus Dion’s track record on environmental issues and dare I say we have a cabinet that gives a shit about climate change? Science is a thing again, guys!!


And the cherry on top? Bill Blair is on the backbench. Thanks for not appointing the man responsible for one of the largest violations of civil liberties in Canadian history (not to mention racially-biased policing).

Throw in the recent restoration of the long-form census and I’d say the Liberals are off to a good start. (**Not super happy about the Finance Minister, but hey.)

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