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Remember the friend drama I was having? I’m really to lazy to link it but it happened. She said some really shitty things. A few weeks later, she apologized and said how shitty it was of her to say those things especially while I’m pregnant.

Texted her the other day to see how she was, and now she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore because again I’m “just not supportive.” By not being supportive, she means I’m not up at 2am to come to the phone every single night to comfort her about some guy or other she’s sleeping with. Also I couldn’t let her use my truck to move her stuff because I had to work and I can’t afford her using my gas to do it.

She said “I just need some time to think about our friendship.”

Whelp, you know what? I don’t need time. I’m going to tell her that it’s for good. I’ve got other shit to worry about right now. Like that I’m going to be in charge of caring for a person that’s not her. And yeah, I’m pretty lonely because I’ve lost a lot of friends from being pregnant and not partying, but eventually I’ll make new friends. Trying to hold on to her friendship and fulfill her every whim and need is not worth it just because I’m lonely. She hasn’t been supportive of me at all since I told her I was pregnant and I just don’t have time for that anymore.


In conclusion, girl bye.

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