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Welcome To The Bitchery

Well so much for a peaceful thanksgiving EDITED TO UPDATE

******UPDATE: THANK YOU GT! Seriously, you all kept me sane last night and it was amazing to have your support even though I was crying alone in my car. You are all ROCK STARS. After enjoying coffee and a cookie, I went to this amazing store called At Home that I didn’t realize existed and had some retail therapy - I bought lamps! Then went home and deconstructed the evening with my husband, who very wisely pointed out that this was a whole lot of my sister’s UNRESOLVED CHILDHOOD ISSUES coming out to play. Topped with some WTF racism. I am going to be radio silent to her today. I think I am going to Thanksgiving, but I am driving separate, and going to set a hard line of NO POLITICS and NO CHILDHOOD DRAMA when I get there. I am not ready to hash this out with her right now, and frankly I think Thanksgiving is a supremely shitty time to hash it out anyway. And if she violates that, I’m out. Today I gotta take the kiddo to the orthodontist, then we’re going to meet up with husband to watch Doctor Strange. Ok, now back to the original drama*******

Was at fancy dinner with husband and my sister and her husband. I was not going to bring up the election, but my sister seemed to have thought it was a good idea. In the context of somehow convincing us that it would be good to have a businessman in the White House??? God. And when we brought up oh I don’t know maybe the racist and mysogonist and corruption that happened already with this upcoming administration, she made it about how she didn’t get a scholarship to college because she wasn’t black so was not eligible for any scholarships?? She graduated college in 1998. She doesn’t want to hear what I have to say yet claims she is open to discussion, then acts like I am the one ruining dinner because I start crying out of frustration, I cannot go see a movie with her like we were planning to. I am not sure I can go to thanksgiving now at her house because like always, I will have to bite my tongue to get along. I am tired of biting my tongue and pretending she doesn’t hurt my feelings. My feelings are fucking hurt. In sure she will spon it that I’m being unreasonable. Whatever. How can I tell her I’m not going to thanksgiving and not discuss her precious fee fees? No clue. The shitty part is I had beers so I can’t drive home. So I’m sitting in my car crying. Fuck. I hate family sometimes.


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