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WELL. That could have been worse.

Though I’m not sure how. Maybe if someone had died in the process.

Mr. Toomey’s original grooming appointment was canceled an hour beforehand, no explanation, no apology. So I called around to see if I could get him in anywhere else today (I didn’t have anything else to do, I was already up stupidly early, and I’m bad when plans change). And I got in somewhere!

I warned them about his... personality. They said it was fine. I said do whatever you think is best regarding his matted fur. They said it would be 2-3 hours.


An hour later, they’re calling. He’d bit 2 people, shit on the table, and rolled in it. 😰😰😰😰 Maybe if I’m there, he’d be calmer and they could clean more of it up. When I arrive, he’s headbutting the carrier from inside and hissing, two new features. We did manage to get him a little cleaner, but he’d had enough. They recommend he be groomed at the vet from now on, under sedation.

When I got home, he was gross. I didn’t want him to poopify the apartment, so I stripped down and gave him a shower. Mostly I just held him in front of the shower head since I needed both hands to hold him. Amazingly, he didn’t try to murder me, though he wasn’t enjoying it. He also let me towel dry him and use the blow dryer a little bit. He still smells, but he’s better. And they were at least able to shave the knots out of his flanks, so he has a nude spot on each side.

I’m tired now.

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