Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Other notable (amusing? strange?) messages from my inbox:

Bachelor #1:

am looking for a girl to be with I am 23 an 5'8 I live in pewamo Michigan I like fishing and hunting and running u can call me at [phone number redacted]


Bachelor #2:

Wow. I like what I see. I live on the West side of [our city].

Bachelor #3:

Message 1: Ever played skyrim?
[no response from me]

Message 2: Oh, and I actually graduated with a degree in political science and wrote my thesis, "Latino party ID: Is it Learned or inherited?" (:


[ETA: I am not Latina, so I don't even know? Maybe because I mentioned international politics as an interest?]

Bachelor #4:

Hi I am very attracted to you and I am in Madison now. I am tall good looking blond with brown eyes. I am alone and lonely tonight and interested in meeting a passionate woman... Issue is I am traveling with my boss and no car.I am in good shape. 5'11 160 and I an IT professional . I will be in same hotel as my boss and wonder if you would care to discretely meet for casual sex. I am clean. Intelligent and good at holding conversation. would love to know if you would be willing to meet


Take it away, Lana:

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