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Well that escalated quickly...

My old roommate, who was generally a pretty good roommate and I got along with, moved in with her boyfriend in April. Needing a new roommate and not having any friends looking for a place to live, I took to Craigslist to find a new roommate. I found a seemingly normal girl who was moving to town for a new job, and I thought things would go pretty well. She's around my age, has a dog (someone for my dog to play with), works the same hours, etc. etc. Oh how wrong I was. Up until the last month or so things have been okay but not great. Now, though, my life is a living hell. An itemized list:

1. Turns out the dog thing was a terrible idea, because her dog is a nightmare. He's chewed at least seven holes in our walls and destroyed the new couch I bought when my old roommate moved out. Also, my dog HATES him. Like won't come out of my room hates him. This is probably because roomie's dog jumps on him, chases him, humps him, and bites his face nonstop when they're together.

2. Contrary to what she told me before she moved in, she's not clean. She's been here over six months and has never cleaned the bathroom and has maybe wiped down the kitchen once or twice. She leaves her dishes piled in the sink, food on the counters, and never takes out the trash. I'm not the cleanest person in the world, but I tend to keep my mess to my room and keep communal areas clean. She just piles her shit everywhere.


3. Things really took a nose dive about three weeks ago, when she claims her dog got fleas. He's been scratching like crazy and has what look like bites in his groin area (but they could also be hives). However, she still hasn't ever seen a flea- on him or in the house- and he's a white dog. She bathed him, gave him flea meds, and cleaned all of our rugs and couches (we're a totally hardwood/tile house, so no carpets thankfully). She requested that I get my dog groomed and get him flea medication (he'd been on combo heartworm/flea, but my vet switches him to straight heartworm in October when it gets cold and fleas die), and I did both with minimal complaint despite the $60 cost. I still had never seen a flea on either dog, and my dog hasn't had any scratching issues. Friday she informed me that I needed to find somewhere for me and my dog to go for five hours on Saturday so she could bug bomb the house. When I informed her that I was running a half marathon Saturday morning, something she already knew, and I couldn't take my dog (obviously) she copped a major attitude about how unhelpful I was being with the flea situation. I told her I'd go to my parents' on Sunday and she could do it then. When I got back last night she wasn't speaking to me; she's upset that I haven't helped with the cleaning/bug bombing in regards to the fleas. But my dog isn't the one with the "flea problem", though there still hasn't been a flea spotted, and I feel like I shouldn't have to help her when A) it's not my problem and B) there isn't a problem to begin with.

4. She informed (not asked) me the other day that she's going to have about 10 guys crashing with us this weekend for a tournament (I'm omitting what kind for fear of doxxing) in town. This has happened a few times before, and it means that there will be 10 smelly, sweaty dudes sleeping in my living/dining room all weekend, using my bathroom, leaving their detritus all over my house, coming home drunk and making a ton of noise at 3 am both Friday and Saturday nights. I'm going on a cruise to Mexico next week, so I was really hoping to use this weekend to do laundry/clean/pack, but that's nearly impossible with her gross houseguests.

5. As I mentioned above, I ran a half marathon on Saturday morning. I had to be up at 5:15 for it, and I let her know that to give her a heads up that I'd be up and moving around early. She had a Halloween party Friday night, and she spent hours getting ready for it, blasting music and generally being loud until she left at 11 pm. I tried to go to bed a 10, but didn't fall asleep until after she left. She came home with our neighbors (who she's good friends with) at 4 am. They all came in laughing, talking, and stumbling around, making a ton of noise. I had to actually get out of bed and tell them all to be quiet because I had to be up in an hour.

6. And finally, tonight. While we're at work, I crate my dog and she allows her dog to run around chewing holes in walls all day. She usually gets home before me, but today I got home first. As I was heading up the stairs to get my dog out of his crate I realized her dog had pooped all down the stairs. I've cleaned up his poop/puke countless times (lead paint does quite the number on the digestive system), and I was just over it. I walked past it without cleaning it up (I know, petty) and took my dog out. She came home while we were out walking and I guess didn't see it either. About 30 minutes later she texted me to tell me that I must have stepped in poop or my dog had pooped on the stairs. Knowing that it was her dog, I told her that my shoes were clean and my dog had been in my room all evening. She texted me back a super snotty "OHHHHKKAAYY....but it wasn't me or [dog's name]". To avoid a gigantic fight, I just went out and cleaned it. As I'm cleaning it I realize there are poopy paw prints on every step that are her dog's paw size. My dog is an almost 80 pound black lab and her dog is 25 pounds; there paws are clearly different sizes. She had to see the paw prints and know it was her dog.


She is one of the most inconsiderate people I have ever met. I just can't handle living with her anymore. Thankfully, our lease is month to month, so I can get out of here as soon as I can find something. I just love our house and my landlord, so I hate that I'm being pushed out of here by this horrible person. We're in a duplex, and as soon as our old neighbors moved out and her friends moved in next door, I feel like they've been trying to make me miserable. Our neighbors don't speak to me or wave when I try to be friendly and say hello. I've heard them talking about how much I suck and how great it would be it [other friend] could move in to my room. I am just so miserable right now that I think they're going to get their wish.

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