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Well that escalated quickly

So I went in the outpatient surgery center attached to the local hospital to laparoscopically remove my gallbladder. When I woke up, found out they had to open me up with a full incision because my gallbladder was so enlarged. The surgeon, who is not a talker and gets right to the point, yet is a very good surgeon (seriously, like the staff at the ER and at my PCP office were both like “if you got to get your gallbladder out, he is the one you want doing it”) said he had not seen a gallbladder like that in a very long time. Like it was impressively inflamed and enlarged, and took years to get that bad. He was gobsmacked that I had not had trouble with it before this year. I told him, “hey, I’m one tough bitch.”

So I am in the hospital for the next 4 days and will totally miss my kid’s birthday sleepover. My glasses are in my purse, which my husband helpfully hid in the tippy top of the room closet that I could not reach anyway even if I was allowed to get out of bed unassisted (which I am not) so I can’t really see what I’m typing and I can only eat clear liquids so I have only had a cup of jello and 3 sips of chicken broth for sustinence today, and I have a morphene pump. I’m going to see if I can get some rest and/or pass out now. Tomorrow I should have better internet devices and glasses so I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!!!


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