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So I posted this early this morning because my head was still reeling from it all. You guys were very kind and supportive!

As I mentioned in the post, I gave the guy in question my # in case he really did need more of a support system.


As of this afternoon, he started texting me... and things are getting weird. Not weird because of what he's telling me, mind you, but that he's telling me at all.

I feel like boyo is leveraging my obvious liberality to work through all of his sexuality and gender issues in one felled swoop. He's apparently not gay, but bisexual, which I'm totally cool with, except when it involves overtures toward yours truly (as I am in a committed and monogamous relationship). By being chill about his apparent recent shift on the Kinsey scale, I've apparently opened the flood gates and he is telling me everything. Like, things I don't know about my closest friends. Threesomes? S&M? Buttsecks? Drag? We have covered the bases. ALL THE GODDAMNED BASES.

As of right now, I'm trying to gently convince him that wearing women's clothing is totally fine if that's what he and the men he sees are into, and maybe he should hit up some local kink clubs and WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW?

I also feel oddly compelled to keep talking to him because he obviously needs to put his feels somewhere, but this is... this is a lot of pressure. He is also asking for my help finding him a girlfriend. Is he a real life troll? What?! WHAT. Someone tell me. Wat.


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