I finally worked up the nerve to ask for a raise. And a title change.

I'm actually regretting it. I was basically told in so many words that I don't currently have value and that [my boss] is giving me value with all the added work and projects I've been taking on. And that she doesn't have to develop people, that she could just treat everyone as her personal assistant, but she doesn't. And that she'll bring this up with someone else (I'm assuming her boss?) but if it doesn't happen that I should be prepared to have the conversation of if I plan on staying here. Because if I don't, she doesn't want to invest the time in developing me.

I went in with a list of things that I did when I started, things I do currently, and things that I am going to be doing within the next few months. I said what I wanted to make and when I felt like I should be making that by.

I feel really defeated. And now they want to put this guy that I work with (he is frustrating to say the least) RIGHT FUCKING BEHIND ME. I BARELY ALREADY HAVE ANY SPACE. I feel like I'm being punished for asking for a raise.