And the icing on the terrible cake is that I'm probably the only one who realized just how shitty it was, so there's no one to talk to about it.

It was just a compendium of things happening. Lots of personal problems from multiple people, all adding up to one terrible day. This person had a potential relationship crash and burn, only to run into the guy at the drunk food place. That person's SO is out of town for their first Valentine's Day. This other person is being driven out of her living space by shitty rumors from a guy she liked. For two of those situations, I'm the only other person who knows about it, and for one of them I was the only one sober enough to grasp how bad it was. Just that kind of thing. All day.

Only one person in my circle was able to have a happy Valentine's Day with her romantic interest of choice, and she's been AWOL since yesterday morning. And that's good, I'm really happy for her! But it feels like everyone else had a shitty-to-neutral time, even though we tried to have fun, and while I'm usually one of the biggest non-romantic supporters of V-day, yesterday just wore me down.

So I think I'm over Valentine's Day for a while now. Please share any adorable romantic stories or gifs that might counteract the bitterness in my soul; they will be much appreciated.