I have to get two screws put in my foot (broke some bones tripping over a curb, YAY!), and went to my pre-op appointment today. Well, turns out the doctor they scheduled me with doesn't do pre-op appointments anymore. Or just doesn't want to- I seem to have gotten two different stories from the two different doctor's offices. According to the doctor I didn't see today, but tried to, they have not done pre-op appointments for my orthopedist for years! According to the office manager at my orthopedist's office, however, this is brand new information, as this same doctor said the same thing to another patient earlier today. And the orthopedist's office manager said the OTHER doctor just doesn't want to do pre-op visits anymore, while the other doctor said he moved his practice so he isn't affiliated with the hospital I'm having my surgery at anymore. WHAT THE HIPPOCRATES, PEOPLE. You think we DON'T need healthcare reform in the US? Jeez. So now I missed work this afternoon (so I'll have a mountain of emails and even less time to get everything squared away before I go out for surgery), AND I will have to miss another afternoon on Thursday to have ANOTHER pre-op appointment. If that doctor that didn't actually see me today tries to charge my insurance company anything, I am sending ALL the fraud investigators their way. AND it took them an hour to figure this out, and then let me leave. FUCK THEM. Get your shit together, healthcare system. You suck.

ETA: I know this is totally innane and I am EXTREMELY lucky to have health insurance AND the means to pay my high as fuck deductible for this. But it's just so... no wonder health care costs so much. If I dicked around like that where I work, I would be written up so fast my head would spin.