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You know when trying to fight through international jurisdictional issues to report a crime is completely pointless? When you’ve already stopped it from affecting you, but you just wanted the airport police to follow up on something that’s likely going to affect a lot of other people.

My credit card number got skimmed. The actual card wasn’t lost. The only time I took it out of a RFID blocking wallet was at the airport duty free. Lucky for me, I tend to check my account often enough that I noticed weird charges and got the card shut down before any damage was done to my credit. But, I figured if this is going on I should at least report it to the airport police. No, apparently I need to report it to police in the jurisdiction I’m resident in, and they’ll feed the information back to the airport police through NCIC. Which doesn’t make sense, because that N stands for “national”, and I don’t live in that particular nation. And you can bet that international law enforcement has bigger fish to fry.


No harm was done to me, just the annoyance of having to make phone calls, get a new credit card, and sign a fraud statement. But, you can bet for sure other people’s credit card / debit card numbers were stolen too, and there’s a good chance some people won’t catch it as quickly. Nor will they be as likely to have a very clear idea of the only time and place their card was accessible.

So, reminder for everyone . . . check your credit card statements regularly. Also, credit cards have better fraud protection than debit cards, and RFID wallets are not a bad thing to have.

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