Setting: My dog I head out of the apartment and almost walk into the janitor.

Me: Oops! Sorry.

Him: It's ok. Hey, happy MLK day!

Me: Oh, thank you! To you too!

Him:You know what MLK did?

Me: uh...yes?

Him: What'd he do?

Me: uh-

Him: You know how Malcom X talked about how white people were the devil?


Him: Martin Luther King showed how white people were the devil!

Me: *looks nervously back at the apartment I share with a white girl, a black guy, and two other Asian girls*

Me:....ummm......I guess in a way he did. His non-violence showed white people the brutality of their racism and got public opinion on his side—

Him: You know, I mean not saying all white people are literally the devil, but most of them- they are *gestures wildly* you know, you look at who is on TV-


Me: Yeah. O-ok *starts edging away*

Him: You know who the new white people are now, miss?


Him: Chinese people!

Me: Naw, I don't think that! I think—

Him: If you think about it, the Chinese have all the money-

Me: Well, actually, it depends on things like—-

Him: I'm sorry to say it, but it's true!

Me: Ok, I gotta go walk my dog!

Him: Like, if you go to China, you'll see. They won't love you like we love you here, miss.


Me: Well, they don't love me much here either. *awkward laugh* I'll see you later! Have a nice day!

Him: I'm sorry, miss! I didn't mean it like that! You know, Dr. Martin Luther King was all about judging people not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character and all that.


Me: It's ok! byeee!

Him: It's not like I have a political opinion on anything...


~Later, as I return from the walk~

Him: Oh, hey! I'm sorry about what I said earlier

Me: It's all right!

Him: you know, like that will Smith movie- the black one? the black, with the aliens?


Me: Uhh....Independance day?

Him: No! No! The one with the black! He's black!

Me: Will smith? Black?

Him: You know, the aliens!

Me: Ohh! Men in black!

Him: Yeah! zzap! Nothing happened!

Me: Right, gotcha. Didn't hear anything.

Him: I didn't mean anything by it. You know, I have a lot of Chinese friends, and-


Me: Yeah, no worries. Bye!


Today's moral is: New York is not really any more progressive than anywhere else. Happy MLK day, everyone!