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I just got off the phone with (major entertainment product supplier with offices in NJ and CA). I am dealing with a design firm on a brand new show for an amusement park. The designer has been less than helpful in sending the graphics I need, in the the formats I need, in a timely manner. There have been many, many emails and phone calls between me and the supplier. The supplier has been awesome and the easiest person to deal with in this whole project.

In the final email I sent last night, I changed my signature to Sisyphus (Last Name). I didn’t call attention to it in any way. My boss saw it and chuckled about it this morning. Apparently the email was forwarded within the very major entertainment product supplier. The head of the company saw it. They saw the whole email chain, witnessed the insanity, and thought my signature change was hilarious.

I wonder if I can finagle this into a job interview...

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