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Well, that was incredibly hard (TW: death)

We just got back from my son's classmate's wake. That was one of the hardest things I've ever done. SO many people there...

I didn't know the child myself, or his family, but my 2 younger boys had known him quite well. My 12 year old rode the bus with him, and my 10 year old sat next to him in class and they were good "school buddies". They did ok while we were standing in line, they looked at the pictures and the flowers and the posters from the school with everyone's signatures... then we got up towards the front and realized it was open casket. My 12 year old fell apart, then (I had warned them that it might be an open casket, and tried to describe what it would be like, but still), while he was trying to talk to the boy's grandmother. She was very sweet and hugged him and rocked him, and he pulled himself together to talk to his mom and dad. My 10 year old was very quiet and big-eyed, but he talked to the mom a little and gave her a hug. He fell apart once we got to the car, and cried wildly the whole way home.


The drive home was through a thunderstorm of near-Biblical proportions. Constant flashes of lightning and incredible thunder, rain so hard O-H could barely see the road, wind gusts trying to push us off the road... it was really something. The tornado sirens started blasting just as we pulled up in front, so I sent the kids straight downstairs to the basement until it calmed down. I just heard that there was a funnel cloud spotted not 1/4 of a mile from the funeral home minutes after we left (as far as I know, it didn't touch down).

So, yeah... it's been a hell of an evening. I could really use a drink. I think I might just take that $5 I found in my pocket earlier, get Almost-BIL to come keep an eye on things, and head down to the bar once the kids are asleep.

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