Yesterday around 3pm I met a man who I haven't seen in about eight years (and we haven't been in contact much) for a late lunch. He just left my place (this morning at 8:30am). It was so much fun! We ate and talked, then went for coffee and talked, then I dropped off my car at home and we took a taxi back to the bar and listened to some music and talked, we (mostly I) got drunk and we came back to my place and had sex, and then this morning we had sex again and he left. Such a great catch-up. ;) (Btw, we were never romantically/sexily involved before, so the sex was a surprise. I initiated because I've been in a bit of a dry spell and he was a safe, nsa option.) It was absolutely great to have such a long, varied conversation with someone, and it made me realize I've been pretty lonely lately.

Has anyone else ever had an 'epic' (I put this word in quotes because I kind of hate myself for using it) catch-up with an old friend (with or without the x-rated part)?