Got back from the wake a little while ago. Couldn't stay for the funeral, because no one could stay that late with the kids. I'm glad we went, but wow... it was rough. Really rough. I almost lost it when his mom hugged me and said that she was so happy to see how many friends he'd had, and started crying. I recognized her but don't know her, and didn't know that she was my friend's mom until tonight. It's a small town, but not so small that you know everyone by name, you know?

I swear that half the town was there. I would honestly judge that over a thousand people came to the wake alone. We ended up having to park over 2 blocks away. I truly hope that my friend knew how well loved he was. We literally stood in line for over an hour for the visitation.

We came home to eat and change, and we're heading up to the bar now. Everyone was there at the wake, and they just reopened, after the funeral. I have a feeling it's going to be just as difficult up there.

ETA thank you all for your comments on my earlier post. I apologize for not responding individually.