I have been sick for over a week, and have been slowly getting worse. I spent the whole long weekend sleeping essentially. I went into work Tues and Wed, and today I was just dying.

I never take sick days, but by the end of today I was just like screw it, I am not going in tomorrow. I have almost no voice left, and even less energy.

So I went home, wrote up my supply teacher plan, and then went online to book the day off. The system wouldn't let me. It told me I was already booked off tomorrow. I check the system and see I am booked off for a workshop tomorrow.

I check my emails, and discover one I have missed where my VP asked me to go to a workshop tomorrow, and asked the other VP to book a supply for me.

If I hadn't tried to book off sick tomorrow, I would have gone into work tomorrow to discover I was supposed to be somewhere else.

So anyways I have sent off a flurry of texts and emails apologizing about not going in tomorrow, and asking how to book this absence, since I don't just want to drop it on the system, and get a different supply teacher for the afternoon, if the morning person is available.