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I'm in the computer lab at my school. I am just surfing GT and Target, Dillards and Sephora. A guy sat next to me, no big deal. Well, 10 minutes later he taps my arm and this happened.

Him: "Hey."
Me: "Heeeyyyyy...." *because I'm awkward*
Him: *points to his screen* " Can you log me in?"
Me: "Oh. Uh, I don't know your G-number. The help desk should be able to help you though."
Him: "Nono. I mean, can you log me in?"
Me: "Oh. Well, I'm logged in right now *points to screen*. I don't think that'll work."
Him: "Nah, it'll work. I've done it before."
Me: *blank stare - because I'm awkward and easily confused*
Him: "It's ok. I'll log out and stuff and I won't touch any of your documents or anything. I just wanna get on FB."
Me: "Uhhh, ok." *logs in on his comp while he is turned away*
Him: "Thanks man! I appreciate it!"
Me: "Oh, it's no problem! I'm glad it worked." *starts to put headphones back on*
Him: "Yea thanks. And you're like, really beautiful. Crazy pretty." *stare*
Me: "Oh. Uh... Thank you?" *puts on headphones and starts to type this up*


What was that? It was weird. It wasn't just a compliment, it was different. It was almost like... a payment? As if thanking me wasn't enough, he had to validate my level of attractiveness. WEEIIIRRRRDDDDD.

Is that a thing? That's not something you just blurt out to somebody in a computer lab. I honestly feel like he thought I had earned his compliment by letting him use the internet under my log in. That was the tone.

Or am I effing nuts?

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