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Well, That Was Unexpected UPDATED

I was tooling around the old Facebook last night when I got a message on that awful FB messenger app that said "congratulations on your engagement!" from a guy I haven't spoken to ... since graduation from high school 12 years ago. Not to mention that Mister Farce and I have been engaged for well over a year at this point, but whatever.

I always liked the guy, but I never really knew him well. He was a lacrosse jock and had his sporty friends, I was the lone counter-culture weirdo in our grade with purple hair and a reputation for knowing everything. And I'm an outspoken angry liberal on Facebook, so that may be the underlying explanation for how our chat developed...


So I started amicably chatting with him, asking how he was, where he was living etc., when he started tap dancing around an interest in men.

Eventually, he got much more bold and just told me flat out that he likes the cock (his words), and I was all very supportive while at the same time utterly confused as to why he selected me for what I can only describe as the soft opening for his big coming out.


I gave him my phone number and said we could get coffee or drinks if he's ever in the area - his folks still live in town, so I suspect he will be taking me up on this. He made a point of saying that "only a few people know..." And I assured him I don't make a habit of outing people, but that he has my support.

From what I recollect, his mother is a Marth Stewart wannabe and his older sister was always destined for high-powered corporate law or some equally "notable" profession. He works in a male-dominated STEM industry in greater New England, and I suspect all this indicates a weak support system.


It was just the most unexpected way to end a Wednesday, guys. Any thought or advice or possible explanation as to what the heck just happened? I'm deflubdified.

UPDATE: So I suppose I need some advice on how to be a good ally/friend. I am definitely flattered that he felt like I was a good place to help ease his anxiety, and I have plenty of queer identified friends, but we've always been close and their queerness was incidental to our relationships, as opposed to causal, if that makes sense. Other GTers have experienced similar things and have mentioned it in the comments, or if you came out to someone who you didn't know well but that you trusted, I'd really appreciate some insights!

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