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Last night was rough.

Yesterday, I was inspired by the discussion on Belle Femme's I Don't Literally Live in Squalor to consider looking into maybe thinking about getting a cleaning service to come in once a month and clean our floor and bathroom on the main floor of our house, during the school year. (It was really that tentative: Can we talk about thinking about looking into...).


I asked HomeyHeart what he'd think of that. He flipped. He told me that was lazy and the bougie-est thing he's ever heard of, a total waste of money. He felt that it was really against our politics and taking advantage of the (likely) women who'd be cleaning.

He then went on a 2 hour-long cleaning rampage to prove to me that we can keep our house clean ourselves.

We ended up in a huge, huge fight.

We worked through it but it was a long and difficult night.

I guess we won't be getting cleaners.

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