No one’s ever thanked me for sex before.

Last night after another pretty great date, and some proper making out in the subway station, my gentleman caller came over for some fun in the bedroom. It was good! To be frank, I really really needed to get laid - it was the first time in over a year. Although it was too damn hot because we’re having a heat wave, it was a fun romp in the sack. There’s some definite potential there.

However, Gentleman Caller can be a little awkward and when he was heading out this morning, he repeated a few times “It was fun last night, thank you” and... no one’s ever thanked me for sex before? I thought it was a little strange and didn’t really know what to say (“you’re welcome” would be the most obvious, but that felt weird to say...).

Anyway, more awkwardness I guess! Since the kisses weren’t awkward this time around, I guess something else had to be :-P