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Well, that's morbid

(TW: Death on Mount Everest)

A post on Jezebel reminded me that I haven’t watched Ask a Mortician in awhile, so I went down a rabbit hole and watched some of her videos from the last year. Her video about Mount Everest caught my attention, and sent me down another rabbit hole.

I just spent the last hour reading about just 12 of the deaths (TW: Pictures of bodies) that have occurred on the mountain, and it was oddly interesting, disturbing, heartbreaking, and baffling at the same time. While I knew many people had died while climbing Mt. Everest, I did NOT realize that most of the bodies of these individuals are still on the goddamn mountain! I also didn’t realize that people actually take pictures of the bodies, use them as landmarks, and will even move the bodies out of the way.


I had never really thought about what it would be like to climb Mt. Everest, and after reading about it, it sounds daunting and horrific. Honestly, after reading about all of it, it amazes me that so many people still take the risk every year.

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