So When I was in NY, I had a friend named Amy (not her real name) who was dating this guy Nick (Not his real name). Amy and Nick had been together for like four years when I met her. Amy and I ended up getting close. She was a nice girl from a small town with an amazing work ethic and I liked her. Nick on the other hand, was in a word, an assclown. He was always talking down to her. An insulting her intelligence, and just being rude. He was always putting her down, which never really sat right with me.


Their whole relationship never made sense to me. He worked on wall street in finance and made money, enough money to rack up 500 dollar bar tabs every weekend and pay them with ease, but he lived at home with his mom and dad. I got the sense that his family didn’t like her.

Once, Amy, called me up and begged me to go to dinner with Nick and his family. She wanted someone to talk to, and the all speak spanish. She said. So I go and amy gets up from the table to go to the bathroom, and they turn to me and all start speaking pitch perfect english. And then amy gets back to the table and they revert to spanish only.

Also this exchange from a night out with his college friends.

Me: So you guys were in a frat together. What was that like?

Nick: *pauses mid bite. puts down knife and forth. Turns to me* It’s called a fraternity it’s an instituion going back hundreds of years. Call it by it’s proper name.


Me: ... ok

And then I never got the sense that he liked her, he just liked what she represented. Amy is thin, beautiful, white, and she likes to do a lot of dirty stuff in bed. Her main aspirations in life are kindergarten teacher, mom, and pornstar not necessarily in that order.


But Nick is a jerk. I think I was the first person to point it out to her.

Then there was the incident. Nick was out with his frat, excuse me, fraternity brothers and they got crazy drunk. Midway I got a call from Amy telling me to come out and hang cause Nick and company were annoying. I get to the bar and Nick is in a screaming match with the bartender because he officially cut them off. So Amy is trying to talk him down and nick and the boys go to leave. Nick declares they it’s time to go to the strip club. I tell Amy that’s not really my scene, but she begs me to go with them. So I am like fine. Nick rents this limo, and as we get in Nick paws my ass b/c he’s a jerk. Amy needs to pee. So we stop at this place amy leaves her bag in the limo and we’re waiting. Nick, like the prince he is, says fuck her she’s taking to long just go. She can catch a cab or whatever. I look at him and I’m like are you seriously leaving her? He says yes, so I jump out of the (moving) limo with mine and amy’s bag.


We get to the strip club, nick and his friends are a hot mess. We stay and watch them makes asses out of themsleves. We finally leave. I ask Amy if she’s going to be fine. She says yes. I tell her I can sleep over. She says she’s fine and needs to make sure nick and his friends get home ok. I leave.

The next day at work, I see amy, she looks like shit. I look at her a little closer and her face is bruised the fuck up. Her arms are also.


She says she fell trying to get one of nick’s friend’s in his apt. I take her at face value, but when I recount the story to my mom, she’s like oh no he totally hit her. Amy swears she fell.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later, Amy reconnected with her old college girlfriend, who was the love of her life. But they broke up because the girlfriend wasn’t out to her parents, and didn’t want to be out to anyone period. I guess the girlfriend was finally out. Amy and the girlfriend got back together, and I was so happy because nick is a jerk.


 The last time we talked before I moved to ATL, her and the GF were living together, and planning on how to start a family.

I log on to facebook this week.

Amy is pregnant (3 months) with Nick’s baby and they’re getting married. I have been invited, I can’t go for other reasons but, me rn