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Well, there goes my insurance premium

Got lots of work done at Starbucks today, was feeling super motivated and productive! After 5 hours working, I leave, back out of my spot without doing my due-diligence...*CRUNCH*

Backed into a dude who was already backing out, of course my little sedan is a tank, comes away unscathed and his medium-sized SUV has a lovely dent in it. Exchange all the info like a responsible citizen, encourage him to try to handle this privately first (I have no dings on my insurance and would like to keep it that way) before dealing with insurance.

He calls me a few hours later with a freaking ginormous estimate for dent removal and paint repair. How come I have randos approaching me every time I’m in a grocery store offering to pop out the dent in my car right there for probably less than $100 and just for the dent, this guy was quoted $800?


Told them to get a second estimate. Too much to ask that everything is under $1000 so I don’t get penalized? Probably...looking forward to rising premiums :((((((((

ETA: Looks like he went ahead and filed a claim...as he should, but *sighhhhhhhhh*

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