I was taking Baby Haa for a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon when I received my first post-baby catcall. He yelled from his car at me "Wowee! A MILF if I ever saw one! Mmmmmhmmm!" It actually kind of scared me. I was afraid he was going to turn his car around and come back since I was basically trapped unless I wanted to take the stroller off-roading. The most creepy part about it is I live near an elementary school and it's the end of the day so I'm pretty sure he had his kid in the car with him. Looked to be a boy too. Great, teaching 'em early pops. Well I think I may need to take a shower after being sufficiently skeeved out for the day. I had just worked up the courage to venture out with my depression too. This definitely turned me off to doing that again. On the plus side I found this gif and I love it. So there's that.