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Well this is a stupid albeit hopefully harmless side effect

A week in a half age my doctor, primary, told me to take a decongestant and asthma medication for coughing, sneezing and weezing. The decongestant is over the counter.

Last night:

My mother: Your lower lip looks swollen

Me feeling my lower lip with finger and tongue: I think you are right

This morning

My mother: Your lower lip is very swollen

Me after feeling it again: Yup. Maybe its the medication.

Yup a side effect is swelling of the lips. Its about 1.5 times normal maybe a bit more. After looking in the mirror. I also need to shave.


My fear is this seems harmless but what else inside could be swollen that is not harmless. Sadly according to reports this will be a bad allergy season so I may be taking this for a while.

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