More tooth problems. I'm pretty sure I need to have my other wisdoms taken out. I'm now having the same kind of nerve pain and pressure on the left side of my mouth as I did before they took my top right one out in December.

I used my water pik for the first time since surgery and noticed a tight feeling in my lower back molars. Today, the whole left side of my face is achy and numb. Would not be that big of a deal if A. I hadn't just turned 26 and therefore lost my parents insurance B. They'd just gone ahead and pulled ALL of my wisdoms during the procedure in December or if C. It wasn't going to take me another two months to be eligible for insurance coverage at Starbucks.

This kind of blows. I have hydrocodone left from my initial surgery, but taking them freaks me out a little bit and renders me useless the next day. I caved and took one last night, and I'm hungover from it today. Guess I need to get another economy sized bottle of Aleve to last me until April. Removal without insurance would run me $2000.