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BBC To Launch Netflix-style Streaming Service For Americans

Well this is exciting! I very much enjoy BBC programming but as an American, I can only legally get what they have licensed to a few providers like BBC America, Netflix and Amazon. But next year, that’s apparently going to change.

From The Guardian:

“We’re launching a new OTT [over-the-top] video service in America offering BBC fans programmes they wouldn’t otherwise get, showcasing British actors, our programme-makers and celebrating our culture,” the BBC’s director general, Tony Hall, said at the industry’s RTS Convention in Cambridge.


And Capital New York:

Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director-general, said the new Internet-based service will allow U.S. audiences to access BBC programs that aren’t already screened on TV channels or available on existing streaming services.

It will not, initially at least, include the most sought-after new BBC shows, such as Doctor Who and Sherlock, which are already tied up in lucrative rights deals with BBC America, the cable channel it co-owns with AMC, or other networks.

However, the BBC’s catalogue includes thousands of hours of other shows that never reach the airwaves in the U.S., along with a sizeable back catalogue.

However, the BBC hopes that its unique brand, reputation for making high-quality programs, and a vast library of content will give it a distinctive selling point for American subscribers.


Huzzah! I know I’ll subscribe to this and increase their revenues so they can make even more wonderful programming.


Would you subscribe to this service when it comes out next year? Do you think this is a good idea to increase revenue streams for the BBC?

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