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Well, this isn't good.

I’m not referring to the Gorsuch confirmation, though I could be.

At 9:30 this morning I was at my desk, looking up a phone number, when it felt like someone had put their hand on the side of my head and was pushing me down and to the right.

I got a friend to drive me to the clinic and—yep—vertigo, very likely BPPV, but I won’t know until I can find an ENT doc, get checked out, etc. This after having a surprisingly useful meeting with The Client and being prepped for Monday. I’ve got about an hour in the waiting room before Spouse can pick me up, and my car is 15 miles away at my office and...


So today is pretty much a loss already. Then I have to take Meclizine until my next appointment...snzzzzzzz.

Did I mention that I need to be in court with The Client at 9:30 Monday?


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