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Well This Movie Creeped Me Out spoilers South Pacific









The characters just creeped me out.

Emile saw Nellie as a possession.

Nellie of all the R&H female leads I just did not like her. I loved Laurey who was self reliant and her aunt. Nellie was a bigot and she allowed it to control who she was. She only realized she wanted Emile when she realized he was being heroic and might die. Yet when he was not risking his life she allowed bigotry to control her. Emile should have told her to get out when he realized bigotry was controlling her.


Cable the word CREEP comes to mind. Liat was a child. She looked and acted at most 13. Him wanting to be with her came across what a child molester would say.

Yet Cable also sang really one of the most insightful H&R songs and that was about bigotry.


Bloody Mary came across as a pimp, abusive and manipulative. The song Happy Talk she was singing about her daughter like a commodity.

The musical should have been about Mattis by Ray Walston. Funny but also showed what low ranking soldiers due while. waiting.


Anyone read the James Michener book Tales of South Pacific? How were the characters prortrayed in book? How different is it?

I loved his novels Chesapeake, The Source and The Covenant. Texas and Centennial I got bored. Alaska is ok. Never read this one.

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