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Well this relieved my rage.

FYI. I like trigger warnings. I’m not always the best with them, but I think they are important. I think giving people agency to choose how they want information presented to them is fantastic.

Then that Atlantic article about coddling popped up, and ya, I have a headache from the anger.

Literally, fuck you, you don’t get to choose my exposure therapy. No, you aren’t fucking helping. That time when people love to spring their traumatic medical stories on me, no that isn’t helping. When they say TW traumatic medical story, and I can choose to listen, that helps. I have control then. I’m not getting ninja-ed. I have so much to say about being a patient and medicine, but when you trigger me, you silence me.


I’m so sorry my PTSD is such a terrible inconvience to you other professors. I’m an adjunct and I can give tws, so stop whining about how difficult my or your students PTSD IS FOR YOU.

I hate not being able to eat certain foods because of other people’s allergies. But I DO IT, because I respect that person’s right to live. Why is a warning that much harder than an allergy?

Someone sent me this article. it’s so much better. it says what I think in far better words.


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