So apparently my finals that were scheduled for today are being moved to Friday. Problem with this is that my wisdom tooth extraction is scheduled for Wednesday, which I purposefully did so that I could get it out AFTER finals were over, but early enough to where I hopefully wouldn't have much discomfort left around Christmas.

This may be a dumb question but, for those of you who have had yours out- were you still in quite a bit of pain two days after? Is there any way that I can keep the surgery where it is and still take the test on Friday? I don't want to push it out much further if I can manage it, and his only other slot available is like...10 days from now. I'm not in pain anymore but I'm not exactly comfortable, either. I guess my other option would be to email my prof and see if I can take the test tomorrow or early on Wednesday, pre-surgery.

DAMN YOU WINTER STORM CLEON!!!!!! You fucked up everything.