I have had to evacuate my kids 15 miles away from our home.

Today started normally. Kids got up, ate, dressed, left for school. I took youngest kid to school and ran to town for groceries. On the way home, I talked to brother about his possible divorce situation. You know, a regular Thursday for me.
I call my husband to gripe about assholes (our favorite pastime), and he says he's been evacuated from work. Wha?
He works in a truck terminal by a very industrial area. There are several chemical, gasoline, and paper plants all along the river here. A railroad runs along the river where trains deliver chemicals and whatnot to the plants.
A suspicious device was found on the side of a railway car that just happens to carry a very dangerous substance. Oh, boy!
Evacuations started for a five mile radius. As word got out that the danger could spread as far as 25 miles all three schools the kids attend were dismissed.
Oh, my gods, guise, they really need to work on their emergency plan. I had 15 minutes to get two of them from different schools or they would be bussed out of the danger zone. I had to flag down the bus my daughter was on to catch her. They were not leaving yet, but they were loaded and ready to go.
I felt much better after getting all the kids. We got lunch and drove to my mom's which is safe. Now I'm silently freaking out. Honestly, I don't expect anything to happen, but I'm sure other people have thought the same before a horrible event.

The bomb squad and Hazmat have just arrived on the scene. I really hope that they stay safe and quickly get rid of the supposed threat. Cross your fingers! I just want to take my kids home.

Eta: Dudes! It's was marijuana! All of that over some Mary Jane. Well, I am glad they took precautions. Thanks for the kind words. You guys are so great!