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well, today is pretty much shot

I completely and utterly forgot that the plumbers were coming out today (because this shit is still dragging on) until LordSparrow texted me the guys were on their way. Oh well, they're just going to redo some caulking, I can move my day back a couple hours. Oh, no, that's right, today they're actually pulling out the tub/shower and reinstalling it because their other employee completely fucked up the original install and it will definitely take all day today, maybe into tomorrow. Lovely. Also, the dog does not like either of them (they've both been here before) so he's been losing his shit every time he sees them, which is not helping the fact that one of them appears to be afraid of dogs so they're just feeding into each other's insecurities. Bah. I was just about to get in a long walk and a good workout when LordSparrow texted, too. Guess that's not happening.


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