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Well tonight begins the general election folks. Tonight.

I am stunned that Senator Cruz dropped out. Listening to that speech there is no way he will endorse Trump. He is lining himself up for 2020 no matter who wins. I am betting that he will want Hillary to win so he has a chance to take control of the party. Actually republican conservatives I bet are thinking “let Hillary win, blame Trump and the moderate wing especially the antitraders, and take the White House in 2020 with a strict conservative.”.

Hillary she has less then 200 delegates left with everything being proportional she can literally lose the rest and still win. Bernie needs to break tradition and try to get his name in the nomination for VP.

This is going to be one horrible fight until November. Even Romney nor McCain used the National Enquirer as a source. Today proved yet again Trump will. So be prepared to hear “Vince Foster as Hillary’s lover”, “Bill Clinton affairs even new ones” etc.


I fear Trump running to the left of Hillary on trade thus taking many Sanders voters. I know demographics say Hillary, I just do not know. For another post.

I suspect it will be Trump/Fallin ticket. Hillary it should be Gillibrand as VP just because she is good and represents the next generation of democrats.

May November come quickly.

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