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Well...tonight now sucks.

Well, what I thought would be a quiet evening at home, was ruined.

My mother called, they're losing their house. It's always been a possibility, but apparently now it's been decided. I don't live there anymore, but they've been in that house for 15 years and I'm rather sad about it. My mom is seemingly excited, as it's a 'fresh start'. But I can't help but think she's pretending. They are moving to a two bedroom apartment about 10 minutes away from me. So, they are MUCH closer to me, and civilization, but seriously? This fucking sucks. A lot. It's pretty much a bonus to them in every way, but now their credit is ruined and they probably won't be able to afford a house ever again. She still has her catering company and everything is fine there, so I'm hoping this won't affect it at all.

I'm full of feelings, and a bottle of wine. I'm going to be opening a second one shortly. Just. Fuck. Things were looking good! Life was getting back on track! And now this.


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