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Well Trump Has Brought Us Into A Sophie's Choice America

I woke up this morning and what did I see on MSNBC any undocumented families crossing the border and caught the children will be pulled apart from them and placed a part.

All I could think of is that it reminded me of Sophie’s Choice.

Well just now I read an article about children in immigration court. These children are going to be stripped of their status as children and be called “unmarried individual under 18".


This is so dehumanizing yet this is what so many if not all Trump voters wanted. Any POC are subhuman in their eyes. Children are not children but most likely drug dealers and gang members like the adults being just rapists and murderers. How do you achieve it? By stripping them of their humanity. They cannot be children because term child is seen as innocence and not as murderers and rapists so strip them of possible innocence by denying them as being children. If a border agent shoots a child well that would be just an unmarried individual under 18.

Yet Trump and his supporters love the phrase “God bless America” no God no matter the religion even Satanism tolerates a society that harms children for the sake of harming them.


God if he exists is damning us.

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