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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Well, yesterday was a good day...today-notsomuch

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  • Got an audition I had originally canceled rescheduled
  • Got asked back to art model from a client
  • planned some awesome meals for the next few days
  • bought some tasty foods on sale
  • Make funny social justice posts on GT with everyone
  • Sit down to write my play

Then, just past midnight:

  • Holy shit, this writer's block sucks!!! I contact my writing mentor for triage.
  • I go to make a BLT—>Roomies comment on how smokey the apartment is—>I open a window—>More smoke comes in—->holy shit the apartment downstairs is on fire!!! Everyone get out!!!
  • After a moderately harrowing escape, the entire building is stuck outside for several hours. The fire was bad- it was on the 2nd floor and the smoke was choking us on the 24th, but it didn't seem like anyone was seriously injured.
  • Finally get back inside, realize my asthma has been triggered. Can't find my inhaler. Can't go to sleep.
  • Wake-up and realize it's raining. Hard. Crap! Hair, makeup, lungs do not cooperate. Forget my umbrella in my dash out the door.
  • Make it to my audition just in time, but am all sweaty and gross. Realize that I'm supposed to read side with a slight Japanese accent. Struggle valiantly but feel like a fool. Plus it's hard to breathe.
  • Check my emails on the way home. Ex-roommates request money to pay an old bill from when we were all living together. I say: wait, before I pay that, where's my security deposit that I was supposed to get back in late July/early August? They say that I won't get MY share of the security deposit back until THEY move out. It's on the lease- sorry! Not our fault! (bullshit)
  • Wheeze in anger!!

Fuck this shit. I'm making beer bread.

*Above image by: ~ChrisBMurray


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