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Wellbutrin follow up

So my doctor added a small dose of Wellbutrin to my regular anti-depressant medicine. I’ve been on it for slightly over a week now.

I know it takes roughly 4-6 weeks to hit full efficacy, but I do feel a little better already. I have more energy and I don’t have a super dark mood first thing in the morning as much, although I’m noticing that when I do, it’s usually because I ate poorly the day before. I’m realizing more and more that there’s a big tie in between what I eat and how well/happy I feel the next day.

I’m also a little less angry and annoyed, which is nice. I generally think of myself as a kind and friendly person, but for the last three months I have basically wanted everyone to fuck off and die (hello, irritability caused by depression...also probably some stress and the godawful news cycle/every man ever being a horrifying, groping molester monster).


My appetite is down somewhat too. I have to remind myself to eat lunch most days, which is weird, but I guess not necessarily a bad thing as long as I keep eating regular meals. I think my focus is a little sharper too, which is a big help considering it’s finals week!!

Overall, I think it’s doing me some good and I’m hopeful that I’ll have more positive effects in the coming weeks. I’m glad I decided to do this now, because I’ve got a boatload of big life changes coming my way, and my depression really likes to fuck with me and tell me I’m not good enough when things change or I actually achieve my goals.

If you’ve been on Wellbutrin, would you mind sharing your thoughts/experiences? Has any of the above happened to you?

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