Has everyone seen this?


Wells Fargo has been caught creating deposit and credit card accounts for customers without their knowledge/consent. Depending on the source, this is 1.5-2 MILLION accounts.


To the extreme of even creating fake email addresses and PINs for customer accounts.

5300 employees have been fired since 2011 when this was first identified internally.

5300 employees. That’s the enrollment of my college. That many people indicates this was openly discussed.

Roughly $5million is owed to customers for fees on accounts they never authorized.


That’s not including any sort of legal action by these customers against the bank for this.

If you’re a Wells Fargo customer, I’d check your account histories for any charges you can’t explain. Chances are they’re from an account you never asked for.


HOLY FUCK what about the potential for identity theft through these credit accounts? If the cards were activated, it could happen. What happened to the activated cards?