...the leader of “No Kill Nation” was outed as a nazi after marching in Charlottesville this past weekend.

Now, the animal welfare world can be pretty racist. It’s largely made up of older white women and has a pretty low number of minorities. Many animal rescuers hold racist beliefs about pet ownership - e.g. that black people are all dog fighters and Asians eat cats and dogs. But this shit is beyond what is typical.

She’s the type who thinks no animal should ever be euthanized for any reason, and routinely attacks shelters.

Here’s her personal twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/seeside

And here’s the one for “No Kill Nation”: https://mobile.twitter.com/NoKillNation

Here she is joking about running over and killing humans.


And finishing up with a summary of what frequently bothers me about the rescuers and volunteers I come across:

Other no-kill activists have been dropping her left and right, but I’m sure a few will remain loyal once everything shakes out.