Finally on my way back home after twelve days or so visiting my dad and trying to get all his stuff in order. The first week was absolutely insane. I won’t go in to details because I would doxx myself if I did, but there were several things I had to remedy immediately. We visited both of his main doctors and everyone should all be on the same page now. Found out he didn’t have Medicare Part D for prescriptions. Found it out the hard way, in fact, when the pharmacy called to say his newly prescribed Alzheimer’s medication would cost over $400 for the month. Damn near had a panic attack over that, but we went to see his primary care doctor the next day at the local non-profit clinic and he prescribed us the generic and gave us the clinic’s discount card which came out to less than $20 for the month. Hallelujah. Just when I thought we had all the loose ends tied up we discovered some financial fraud, and so I figured I’d better stay a few more days to sort that all out. So I did. Thankfully, nearly every single person we interacted with was compassionate, kind, sympathetic, and beyond helpful. Almost every single person we interacted with on a professional level went above and beyond in helping us get things straightened out. I have over a dozen thank you notes/letters to write.

I’m about to land for a layover and I will be heading straight for the airport spa. I slept on a greyhound bus last night and had been sleeping on my dad’s couch before that, I’ve earned a massage.